There is a Chinese ancient saying about daily life describing that there are

7 most important things everyday: firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and TEA.

Well, ancient people got totally different lifestyle from us. These 7 things are

no more happened everyday.

And of course, this is not Chinese idiom I am going to talk for sure. Just try to indicate the importance of tea of ancient Chinese daily life.

OK, the Chinese idiom about Chinese tea for today is:


“ To cheers (or a toast) with tea instead of liquor.”

Chinese idiom about Chinese Tea 01

A toast in Chinese culture is not only a way to make noise in a party but also is a way of paying respect to someone.

In this case, if someone can not drink (by sickness maybe) or poor ability of drinking, then if the main role does not mind, he or she can have tea to toast instead of alcohol as well.

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